Product Summary


3528 TOP LED
Emission Color: Warm White
Viewing Angle:120 degree
Luminous intensity: 2200mcd
RoHS CE compliant


Viewing Angle:120 degree                                         Emission Color: Warm White

Max. Forward Current: 20mA                                     Input Voltage:3.2V

Luminous intensity: 2200mcd                                  Color Rank:3000/4500/5500K

Resin (Mold): Silicone Resin                                     Chip :Epistar



Luminous flux attenuation : 2% for 3000hours
High Light Intensity Output
Normal life can be 50.000hours


  • indoor and outdoor displays (e.g. displays for traffic, light writing displays)
  • optical indicators
  • optimized coupling into light guides
  • backlighting (LCD, cellular phones, switches, keys, displays, illuminated advertising, general lighting)
  • interior automotive lighting (e.g. dashboard backlighting etc.)
  • substitution of micro incandescent lamps
  • signal and symbol luminaire

Note: Warm white, Blue, Green, Red are also available.